We have offer an Aquatics Therapy programs that transforms treatments and exercises to the water to increase relaxation, fitness, physical rehabilitation and other therapeutic benefits. We provide a qualified aquatic therapist that gives you constant one on one treatment in our heated therapy pool.

Our Occupational Therapists  provide treatments for injuries and conditions of the upper extremity meaning shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand. They are specially training in the latest technology and advancements to get you back to performing your functional activities with less pain. We provide training and adaptive equipment to help increase our independence at home with dressing, personal hygiene and activities of daily living.

Mesa View Physical Therapy

Our Outpatient Rehabilitationclinic provides individual care. They evaluate and treat each patient on a one-on-one basis and they are committed to help each patient reach his or her optimal level of function. We offer flexible scheduling and treatment in a calm, peaceful setting. Our rehab team is committed to providing you treatments with leading-edge technology and are able to treat different types of diseases and disabilities through therapy and exercise.  We provide post-operative care for joint replacements to help the patient resume a normal lifestyle.